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Photo of rear passenger side of black Audi R8, break lights on with blurred background.

Unrivalled stolen vehicle recovery and telematics

Protecting today. Pioneering tomorrow.



The most robust tracking technology on the market

Protect your vehicle with TRACKER, the UK leading stolen vehicle recovery specialist. Our vehicle tracking solutions are the most effective way to protect your vehicle in the event of theft.

With 25 years experience of reuniting car lovers with their stolen vehicles and helping Police catch criminals; we have the perfect combination of unique technology and tracking partner, making our products the perfect solution.

Nationwide partnership with the UK Police force

We are proud to be able to assit local police to track and find the vehicle. TRACKER's detection units are able locate and help Police locate your stolen vehicle quickly.

Which TRACKER is right for you?

Whether you are looking to safeguard your personal vehicle, or a business looking to manage your vehicle fleet efficiently and protect against theft; we have a solution to suit you.


Whether it’s your dream car, motorbike, caravan or motorhome, there is a TRACKER product to keep your prized possession safe.

TRACKER for Business

For small businesses to sales fleets, from courier vans to construction machinery, keeping your assets where they need to be is made easier with TRACKER.

Thatcham Accredited

All TRACKER products come with Thatcham Quality Assured accreditation, the industry standard for vehicle security. TRACKER’s security credentials are recognised by insurance companies and can save you money while keeping your vehicle safer than ever before.

25,178 TRACKER recoveries to date
2,615 arrests from cars fitted with TRACKER products
Value of vehicles recovered over £530 million